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Fatima aims to highlight the concept of dowry in Pakistan through making dresses for dowry.

Pakistan’s traditional dowry art has made its way into popular culture,moving beyond attractive dresses to everyday lifestyle. Today,this colourful and elaborate form of art is not just seen on dresses but everywhere.And there is one artist who has dabbled in all forms of art dresses from simple to bridal dresses.

Fatima Khan’s who is Pakistan’s bridal dresses maker makes a variety of dresses for brides which includes their bridal dresses also after marriage casual dresses collection for home etc,she has made them all with pakistan’s dowry art.Fatima has made two most attractive bridal dresses in traditional way,attractive appreciation from the art lovers around the world.

She has made this sharara for a bride which she kept her into her dowry.


Fatima made her first dress at the age of 16 when was too young to do this because her father died so she had to do take the responsibility after her father and a f t e r.

Fatima is making and decorating these types of dresses since she was a child.

The third generation artist found in Karachi from the North Karachi area.She grew up in Hyderabad,passionately making dresses since the age of about 10 years,learning the distinctive art from her mother at home like most dowry artists in Pakistan.Fatima’s home is also her boutique and tailor room where she teaches her daughters ,hoping that they would continue the family legacy.

A 52-year old artist,who spent most of his life creating dresses for dowry,told us that for her dresses art is a means to show “dowry concept of Pakistan to the world”. She continued that “This art is a passion,continuing the family tradition and promoting pakistan’s artistic identity globally”.

Pakistani dowry art maker made this design by full passion.

She makes dresses for dowry and this concept is so popular in pakistan now a days because everyone gives dowry and dresses to her daughter’s in ther wedding but what about the time when this concept will be ended in Pakistan so where she and her type of artists will go?she will start approaching people who will give dresses to her daughter by showing publicily through publishing her art on social media.

Fatima has been to Dubai and Turkey, representing Pakistani art through her dowry projects. Fatima also teaches making of these dowry dresses to young artists at different schools in Pakistan, fostering their curiosity and imagination.

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