How to Check Emirates ID Status Online

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Emirates ID is a vital identification document for residents and citizens of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Serving as a universal proof of identity, the Emirates ID plays a crucial role in various aspects of life, from government transactions to banking services and healthcare. Understanding the status of your Emirates ID is essential to stay informed about its validity, renewal requirements, and potential updates.

Do you want to check your recent Emirates ID Status update online to ensure your residential rights are intact and your future is secure? Let's discuss how you can check your Emirates ID Status online.


What is Emirates ID?

The Emirates ID is an identity verification document that certifies every UAE resident and allows them to continue living there. Emirates ID is necessary for renting apartments, office spaces, hostels, etc. It is also important for continuing as an employee or student within national borders. The Emirates ID is an essential document to produce when applying for government services or sponsorships. Traveling around the UAE and outside of the country also requires this document. This ID expires routinely and needs to be filed for the status update.

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Emirates ID Tracking

Tracking your Emirates ID status is easy through the official website maintained by the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship.

By logging into the portal, you can directly access the validity period of your Emirates ID. You can file an online application form for Emirates ID status renewal when you notice the validity period coming close to its expiry date. Once you apply, the authorities will examine your present and your past life as a UAE citizen. Within 10 to 14 days, if all is well, your Emirates ID status will be updated.

Login to the same website to check your update process and keep track of the application status for your Emirates ID renewal.


How to Check Emirates ID Status Online

There is an easy way to check the Emirates ID status online. To do so, the applicant simply follow the given steps-

- Click on this link to visit the ID card status page on the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) website.

- Enter your application number (PRAN) and Emirates ID number. Do not include the hyphen.

- Your application status will be shown on the screen. Check it carefully and refresh the browser if required.

 To stay safe from identity thefts, ensure you are not sharing your application and Emirates ID numbers with anyone.

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Emirates ID Cost

Emirates ID status update is provided after the application is approved. Two types of approvals are awarded: 2-year validity approval and 10-year validity approval.


Emirates ID Validity Period

Emirates ID Cost

2 years

390 AED

10 years

1153 AED



Emirates ID Renewal Cost

Renewing the Emirates ID after it has expired is an easy but essential procedure. The government expects individuals and families to file the renewal application within 30 days of expiry. After this, the government levies a tax of 20 AED per day. This continues for 500 days, after which the Emirates ID is automatically canceled.

 However, if you wish to renew your card before the expiry period arrives, you must pay an Emirates ID replacement fee of around 300 AED.

The application fee for eForm renewal and replacement applications is 40 AED.



The UAE government has made checking Emirates ID status online as simple and quick as possible. The process of approval is relatively straightforward and carried out with great efficiency. So applicants have nothing to worry about as long as they have completed their forms in time and retain all important documents. If applicants face some issue with the digital procedure, they can contact Customer Happiness directly to receive guidance!



How long does the Emirates ID approval take?

Emirates ID card is provided within 7 to 10 days from the completion of the visa stamping procedure.

How to check the validity of the old Emirates ID?

The validity of the old Emirates ID is checked at the same place where the updated status is published. Go to this website and enter your application and Emirates ID number to get the latest status of your Emirates ID.

How to cancel an Emirates ID application?

To cancel your Emirates ID, you must hand over the original Emirates ID card to the FAIC at an offline, official center.

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